Fly Me to the Moon 5

The winner ended being the ginger alien girl, she was not the elder of the group for nothing. After that, she brought Cody to a private room and then...

Cody: Woah! The view is so nice in here!! Heh, when I was a kid I always wanted to be an astronaut... but I could've never imagined something like this.
Ginger Alien Girl: Telephatically: *Tee hee*, that's nice, I'm glad you were able to fulfill one of your dreams. But now, would you like to help me with my research?
Cody: Err, s-sure, hhmm... Thinking: What should I do now?
Ginger Alien Girl: Telephatically: Why don't you get closer first? Don't be shy...*tee hee*

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