Fly Me to the Moon 4

The lights in the room activated, and the aliens removed the top part of their suits, revealing that all of them were females!

Cody: Huh!?!? Thinking: W-wow!! I never imagined this... they sure look weird, but they're really cute as well!!!
Black Haired Alien Girl: Telephatically: Even if you find us strange, you find us cute as well. That's very good.
Ginger Alien Girl: Telephatically: Thank you for the compliment, earthling.
Cody: What!? Can you read my mind...!?
Ginger Alien Girl: Telephatically: Indeed, we talk using telepathy, so reading your thoughts is something easy for us. But don't be afraid, we brought you here for genetical research purposes. We are interested in how the earthlings reproduce.
Cody: R-Really!? Wow!! Well... if you really need me for this research, I guess I can help you with it, heh!!
Ginger Alien Girl: Telephatically: I'm glad you are willing to help us. Now, we will decide who'll test you first. Gives us a moment, please.
Cody: O-ok, but... what the...!?!?

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