Fly Me to the Moon 3

Cody wasn't sure if he could trust in the aliens, and then he started to remember all those abduction stories he heard: "We wont hurt you" they say... before performing all kinds of terrible experiments on you. He quickly fell to his kneels and begged.

Cody: Please!!! I'll do whatever you want, but PLEASE don't put anything weird up my ass!! Dont suck my brains out!!!

The aliens started giggling telepathically. With a girlish voice, they replied to Cody.

Alien: *Tee hee* Don't be affraid, we won't do such things to you. You have been chosen for a genetical project. Now that you are free of germs and bacteria, we can remove our protecting suits.
Cody: Huh!? W-what!?!?

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