Mariano in his Kemono Shape

Having seen so many people posting their kemono forms, I decided to overcome my shyness and draw my fursona here, too, just as Renatwo and JoyJ have done @w@. Heh, well this is me in my kemono shape and this is his bio:

Name: Mariano
Nickname: Mario
Species: The last from a extinct race of half-vampire wolves
Height:155 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Eyes: Brown-green
Hair: Black, like the darkness night
Age: 163 years old

The green things on his arms are training armbands, each weighing 50 kg. He uses them so he will become stronger. >=3

The difference between him and other types of vampires is that he doesn't kill his prey, only drink their blood in a small enough amount that they only become stunned or faint.

As you can see, he likes to live in cold places. He is a very melancholic and lonely creature, whose only company are the bats and the other animal vampires. His existence consists only of trying to survive the world so polluted by the humans, and thinking up the best way to defeat his foes.

I hope you liked and enjoyed my furry form. =) See ya!

 Mariano can be contacted at FurAffinity.
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