Live to Tell Top 10 Characters ^_^

This time it's a special picture for hitting 100 Live to Tell comics. In this picture are the most known characters who have appeared in this story, and a chance was given to vote for this. I think that was very fun to see who the most charismatic character in this story was. I hope you can enjoy the picture. ^w^.

Here's the character numbers:
1) Ru - The main character.
2) Vulpa - Her sister.
3) Silver - Their father.
4) Lune - Their mother.
5) Wolufu - Ru's great friend.
6) Omega - The villain.
7) Hyena Boss - The leader of the Killer Fists Gang
8) Sally - Spinel's sister
9) Josh - Spinel's friend
10) Mysterious crow guy....

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