Top Live To Tell Character #2

As celebration for Live to Tell's 200th page, here's a Top 10 to decide who was the most popular character in the last 100 pages. When the voting is finished, I will make another special picture showing the characters who had the most votes. You can select the character by its number. Choose your favorite!! ^_^

1) Ru: She's the main character. A kind hearted girl full of hopes and dreams. She is the one chosen to save her world.

2) Vulpa: A strong, kind wolf girl, she is Ru's older sister. She will always protect Ru whenever she need help, and always will do something if she sees injustice.

3) Wolufu: A brave little feral wolf. He has hidden powers that are shown sometimes. He is Ru's best friend, and maybe something more...

4) Urara: The last of the belzewolves. Don't let yourself be fooled by her little size, she is a very powerful kemono with demonic combat skills. She is also Ru's rival.

5) Shena: She was so popular in the previous character voting than I decided to put her again in this one although she appeared in only a few pages of the latest 100. She's the strong hyena girl, and leader of the Killer Fist Gang. She seems to be a mean and evil kemono, but it's just an appearance to keep out of trouble with Omega's Stalkers and other kemonos who rule her city, and also to protect her friends.

6) Rupo: One of Alpha's priestesses. A very kind and sweet feral wolfess, she was possesed by an Omega's Chimera, but was released by Ru and her friends. Her tails show she has lived a long time, although she looks like a young adult. She seems to have a high level of knowledge and magic power. She helped Ru and her friends by giving them some information about Alpha's source and some interesting gifts.

7) Omega's Chimera: A coward and despicable being that can posses bodies and use any kind of method to crush his foes and victims. Only the purification of healing magic can destroy this being made of filth and pollution.

8) Omega's Hunter Adolf: He's the main member of Omega's elite warriors know as Hunters. He's ruthless and quick on his missions of destruction and chaos. He seems to have a huge demonic power, and he has yet to show all of his skills.

9) Omega: The cruel and evil lord of destruction and chaos. Monster or demon, he is the complete incarnation of evil in Ru's world. It seems that all this being wants is the destruction of the whole planet and all it's life, or to rule it like a hell. Nevertheless, he doesn't rush to achieve this because he likes to see sorrow and pain as well. It's hard to tell how powerful he is since he can change his form and powers. Being a monster or demon, his evil energy might be infinite, or maybe not?

10) Omega's Hunter Pandora: The only female member of Omega's elite warriors, but is no less powerful then the others. She did show a sample of her terrible powers when giving Urara a finishing blow, and destroyed an entire town with just one blast from her scythe staff. Although she was created by Omega, there is something in her highly loyal attitude that makes her different from the other 3 Hunters. She seems to be less evil.

You have these 10 character to choose from. Chess and Lady Vanora weren't included in this Top 10 cause they are cameo characters. I may make a cameo characters Top 10 later if people wish. I hope you enjoyed the picture, and to vote, just e-mail me. Have fun and see you later >=)

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