Moi Renart >=3

Renart, sacripan
Sacripouille, coquet coquin
Renart, chenapan
Chacripouille, sacré vaurien

>XD If you are French you might recognize this lyric he he he he.

Well, this picture is based on a curious and not well know French 80's cartoon which have furry characters named Moi Renart and Hermeline. I guess it's about a fox guy named Renart who has adventures trying to reach fortune and success but things don't always work out very well...

The characters in the pictures are the main character Renart (male) and Hermeline (female). I guess she was in the series like his girlfriend or friend, I can't remember very well. Anyway I enjoyed this furry cartoon a lot some years ago. ^w^ I hope you can enjoy this picture! see you! ^_^

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